Jared A. Washowitz, Esq. has 14 years of litigation experience in state and federal court.  He has represented plaintiffs and defendants in jury trials, bench trials, arbitrations, and mediations in Hawaii and California.  JAW LEGAL also provides legal counseling to individuals and businesses with the goal of protecting their interests and minmizing exposure to legal claims. 


Some of the practice areas that JAW LEGAL can assist clients with include:


  • General litigation

  • Legal counseling and guidance

  • Personal Injury Claims

  • Wrongful Death Claims

  • Employment Law- Wrongful Termination

  • Employment Law- Retaliation

  • Employment Law- Discrimination

  • Business Litigation

  • Contract Law

  • Estate Planning

  • Civil Appeals


JAW LEGAL has an extensive network of contacts in the legal field and can provide referrals to clients who need assistance in an area of law that JAW LEGAL does not practice.


Litigation and General Legal Counsel